Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Illusion warped: Part 1

I believe that most or all of the people still reading this blog (thanks) believe is witchcraft and the like. If not please come talk to me, I have some people I'd like you to meet.

The question,
Do you believe that that magic* when practiced a certain "right" way i.e. saying abracadabra three times real fast, while jumping on a dead pig, listening to rock music, waving a wand at your newspaper astrology page" will ALWAYS produce the desired affect? Or, is it a hit and miss operation?

This is a much more important question then it appears to be, answer carefully.

*Meaning "n. 1.The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the supernatural."

Oh, and this was written to be offensive to as many groups of people as possible, so this includes your group, sorry, but you don't have to read.


Amber said...

YAY!! A Post!! :)
I know a whole bunch about this, but only because I have been wondering the same thing lately. I have been Researching this for quite a while... And I came up with my own logic (HAHAHA!! Funny right??). And since I know about it, I am going to keep my opinion to myself till everyone is done, but I'll be asking questions to people.

Dave and Elaine said...

Hmmm.....Bret, I guess nobody reads this blog any more, or they just don't know where your coming from and don't want to comment. LOL

Anna Joy said...

I'm, I'm here. And I've opened it up about thirty-five times trying to decide whether or not to say what I'm thinking. And I decided not to. :) I'll talk to you about it tomorrow? Maybe.

Amber said...

Well, i am not going to put out my opinion till other people do. So start typing people!!

jimmy said...

hey, how'd you know what I do every morning after I wake up? yikes, i may have to quit since brett has likened it to witchcraft.
On a more serious note, I'd say it definitely doesn't have the desired effect every time, unless performed by the right people (i.e. someone in contact with the supernatural forces that give the acts of witchcraft their credibility).If you're just messing around, trying to dabble in it, the picture you painted applies: you'll look like a fool and get nowhere.

Rhonda said...

MaryBeth, why should everyone else have to make their statements before you make yours? What kind of sense does that make?

Amber said...

Rhonda- This is me here... It doesn't have to make sense to everyone else.... Just me. :)
But my reasoning is to see where everyone else stood. And then to try to make each side doubt weather they are right or wrong.

Amber said...

Jimmy- How does it not have the desired affect every time??

BSBT said...

Rom. 16:19 For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and *simple* concerning evil.

Rhonda said...

Is it just me or is there not much of a discussion going on here?

jimmy said...

amber, I say it doesn't have the desired effect every time because if I want to perform some witchcraft, i can do everything brett mentioned and more, and get no results, because there's alot involved in practicing witchcraft: alot of 'less than savoury' requirements. I guess what I'm saying is that the average joe can't just say a magic line and obtain the desired action.

we're not becoming wise to evil: it's not like brett's teaching us how to perform this stuff. it's simple discussion.

Amber said...

Since Jimmy is really the only one with their opinion out, and looks like the only one:

Jimmy- My viewpoint is pretty much identical to yours.

Bethany- What jimmy said is what i meant... I just couldn't get the words out of my head onto the computer...

BSBT said...

"we're not becoming wise to evil: it's not like brett's teaching us how to perform this stuff. it's simple discussion."

I didn't say he was teaching it to you did I?
Even so, imo, it shouldn't even be up for "simple discussion".
In just discussing it you are doing what?

Now I have come to learn that there is more to this then the topic at hand, but, I still don't see why this was the chosen to open it up.

My comment was made because I did not want to get into any of this at all. Therefore it was dumb on my part to think I could just throw out a comment and think that no one would try me on it.
The way I see it is, not that tt is "teaching this to you", but that you all are willing enough to talk about such that 'I see' as being pointless for any of you right now to talk about.

Pretty much what I'm saying, is this is a wast of our time...
(No offense meant for the poster)
"and *simple* concerning evil."
I think (as I said before) there is no point to talking about such things. We are to be simple, unknowing, dumb, unlearned... whatever you want to say!

OK, I'm gonna get eaten alive for this comment. So be it. This may be my last comment on this anyway, unless I see something I really want to get at.
I'm not trying to be judgemental with this, just putting forth my two crowns worth. :)

Anna Joy said...

whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

What BSBT's saying is what I was thinking. :)

Amber said...

BSBT.... You are prolly right that you are going to get eaten alive for that.... but as for now, i am not saying a thing.

spyder-slayer™ said...

Ok, I'll bite.

What about abortion, evolution, homosexuality? We jump at the chance to show little baby's heads, hands, and feet. Jump higher to show circular reasoning, by dating rocks by fossils, and then fossils by rocks. And totally cant get enough of the fact that homosexual marriage is the worst thing ever and spreads aids. Where does that come into play? Seems that witchcraft is a taboo subject?

Aside from all that, we haven't even come close to talking about witchcraft. My post had almost nothing to do with it...more to come, stay tuned.

BSBT said...

How much of any of those things do we need to know 'about' them to know they're wrong?

Amber said...

Yay Bret!! Thank you. I think you have an excellent point there... Looking forward to the "more to come".

Anonymous said...

"The West Bank, where the end of the world will begin." It happened 2000 years ago.

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Anonymous said...

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