Friday, March 28, 2008

The Powers that Be

This question was posted on my friend liberty's blog, she has kindly allowed me to post it here.

"Alright, all of you readers of this blog, I need y'all to give me your beliefs on the passage of Romans 13. The question I'm posing:

"Is Romans 13 speaking of submitting to government:
(1) in every aspect, at all times
(2) only if it is in accordance with God's principles
(3) Neither. It is speaking of spiritual leaders.

I'd appreciate all view points!"

My original reply-
"Using just Romans 13 I don't think I can make a legitimate argument for:
“(1) in every aspect, at all times.”
I don't think you could find anything, anywhere in the Bible to support this.
“(2) only if it is in accordance with God's principles.”
This is the position I support based on the whole Bible.
“(3) Neither. It is speaking of spiritual leaders.”
In the first part of the chapter it sounds like Paul is talking about government and in the last part it sounds like spiritual church leaders etc...
Personal opinion only, well hmm, I have to go with “spiritual leaders”

One other person commented there, but I didn't ask if it was ok to post it. Liberty, do you agree with any of my answers? If so I wont have to argue the points!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"PLEASE post something!!!!!!!" -amber

Well how about this, you give me a subject that you want my humble opinion on, and I'll give you my very biased and not so humble thoughts on it.