Monday, January 19, 2009

On the eve of "change we can count on", we here at Life Commentary are introducing some changes also.
Mr. Dave
Curtiss has joined our crack team of reporters, and editors. Mr. Curtiss has much experience in this field, along with an excellent debate mind, and a practical application opinions. He has permission to say anything and everything, and has the full backing of Life Commentary. We thank him for accepting the invitation to join our commentary, and hope that he will stay for many many moons to come. We hope you will respect him, as you do the others on our staff, but remember to challenge his thinking at every chance. We are confident that he can hold his own.

We have a
remaining job opening to fill our minority requirements.
Smart (wait, that automatically goes with Asian) [Caleb quit laughing)
Cute (again, [most of] the time that automatically goes with Asian)
Again Caleb quit laughing...if only...


Staff Editor S-S