Monday, May 11, 2009

High Five

While we wait for Davy to respond to the last post's comments, I would like to put out some awards for greatness in several areas. I don't know what the "award" is, just a mention of our support and thanks.

Lets start with Carrie Prejean, besides being pretty, her award is for standing up for what she believes in. Her answer to a somewhat unfair Miss USA question was excellent, and becoming of any Christian. Oh and should I throw in my two bits about "tollarence" ah no, better not.

The second award goes to Mr. Mike Pearl and Mr. Bill Gothard, their resolving of differences, and misunderstandings was amazing to see. I think it's time some Independent Fundamental Baptist were "inspired" to "preserve" their kind if you know what I mean. But what do I know, I'm just a guy?

Third goes to Dick Cheney for telling a slightly out of touch Colin Powell how it is. As much as I like Mr. Powell, I believe that his thinking that the Republican party needs to move to the middle of the road is wrong. John McCain anyone?

Some lady, Casey Ray, gets the forth for good old fashion honesty. Sorry girls, vampries had to be somewhere here, JK JK don't kill me.

I kinda like this "award" thing, you will have to comment and tell me if you would like it continued.

Untill next time,

"Next time" edit 5/12/09
I have forgotten a fifth, Jey Leno, maybe if our politicians cared half as much for struggling people as Jey does, our country would not be in the state it's in. They are "Public Servants" remember?