Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ok some things that need to be stated...

1. It looks like a few of you aren't ready to write the 10 commandments yet, thats ok, we"ll be waiting...JK

2. For the moment the few guys on this blog will remain on our side of the barbed wire with regard to the schooling debate. One day in the near future our opinions will be said, as it has come to my attention over the last few weeks that it is of more importance, and debate then I had realized at the time I posted it. I had intended it to be a filler before a "Main Event" (which will come soon) but now it will be a debate that has to go on... later

3. As it has already been a crazy start to the summer, and looks like it will continue as such, I doubt that I'll be able to keep up with posting as much as I'd like. I will do my best as some great topics are in the bag like Ron Paul and (something), morals, more BBQing, who I'm voting for and why, and of course more about schooling (sorry kitty, but it must continue)

4.I have been tagged by hamburg, to name my favorite book and such. Normally I do not like this sort of thing (this time is no different) and this is not a personal blog. That being said, before this occasion I was planing on putting up a chat box just for people to discuss any book they are reading, want to read or whatever...

Ok, so, I normally don't like Candorville, but when I saw these two, I had to put them on.