Monday, October 29, 2007

"The choice is yours"

The scenario...

Rudolph Giuliani and Hillery Clinton are the candidates for the two major political parties in the USA (Republican and Democratic) in the 2008 election. They are ahead in the polls...for what its worth. Both of the said candidates support abortion, Hill all the way, and Rudy says he's “against it personally”, but is for “womans choice”. Shawn Hannity and Dr. James Dobson had a debate on the issue here (middle of the page under "Dr. James Dobson") and the OP-ED by Dr. Dobson (in the New York Times) is viewable here

The question is...quoting from the OP-ED...

“If neither of the two major political parties nominates an individual who pledges himself or herself to the sanctity of human life, we will join others in voting for a minor-party candidate. Those agreeing with the proposition were invited to stand”.

AFTER listening to the debate and reading the OP-ED, would you have stood (and why)?

BTW this debate MIGHT have a large impact on who I vote for in 08

Saturday, October 27, 2007

First Post


I now introduce to you to your new Editor-in-Chief/Staff Thinker "S-S" aka Brett Reed

*light halfhearted applause*

He his duties will include, but are not limited too, asking questions on controversial issues/debating them, political humorist/pundit, and moderating comments. The personalities needed for this alter ego include, but are not limited to, Jerry Johnson (for his general knowledge and quick wit), Charlie Sykes (for telling it how “it” is), Stephen Colbert (for being a "well-intentioned, poorly-informed, high status idiot" and anchorman, Jay Leno (for his current hosting of “The Tonight Show”), and Sean Hannity (so I can argue with you “Liberals”), and even Bill Maher (so I can argue with all you “Conservatives”). *major outright booing/jeers*

I now invite him to the microphone, eh, keyboard. *more boos*

First I want to thank all of you for being here tonight. Secondly I want to thank jimmy for allowing me to be part of the “LIFE News and Commentary”. During my term as “Editor in Chief” I will try to raise awareness on as many issues as I have time for, hopefully more then one a week. In politics I'm currently “undecided” in my vote for the 08 president (picking between Hillery Clinton and Barack Obama is hard, maybe you can help...) *boos, boos, and more boos*
Lets see what else, "I always have a quotation for everything— it saves original thinking".
The comments I make as Brett Reed/EC do NOT necessarily reflect my views as the real Bret Reed, I hope you understand, thx.

Well thats all I can think of...if there's anything else I forgot, I'm sure you will find time to remind me...

A bit about myself (the real Bret Reed), I live in a family of 12, up here in Bear Lake, Michigan. I'm a Christian, Saved by Grace, (read following verse) and attend the Calvary Baptist Church. If you have a question about what Saved by Grace means, please don't hesitate to email me, and I'll be glad to tell you all about what Jesus has done for me.

Ephesians 2:8(KJV) For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.

Technical things...(really this means rules)

Your comments, debate and opinions are greatly appreciated, and highly valued. One of the most important things you can do here is make someone laugh, so I'll be glad to field any of your lame jokes, as I have “broad shoulders”. As you comment, please remember others (they have feelings too). If you feel the need to “flame” then do so, just remember that what you say here is “on the record” and every-one can see that you said it. I WILL NOT delete your comment just for the fact that I disagree with it, but will start sending things to the trash if the “flames” gets out of hand. PARENTS you are welcome to give your input, and opinion, as we value your great experience in the thing we call "life". Generally anonymous comments are looked down upon, so use sparingly. If you have something you think “editorial” worthy just send me an email at “” and I will be glad to look into the matter. Maybe you need to talk about a particular editorial (or anything for that matter), but don't want to have everyone see your comment, my MSN account is the same as my email, the AOL account is “slayspyder”, and xfire is “spyderslayer”. Feel free to attack my spelling, grammar, and typing skills, I'm still learning (just remember “pride cometh BEFORE a fall”).

Thank you,

Brett Reed, EC