Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well as it seems that I have the honor(?) to be a part of Bret's blog. I figured that it would be time to add to it. First as I really don't know that many here I figured I would quickly introduce myself. Lets see, early years raised by Christian parents, home schooled, went to baptist church, Dad was a preacher. Teen years moved to Bear Lake went to a Mennonite/Anabaptist church, meet Bret around, boy must be ten years or so ago. Currently I'm a mature adult married to the best woman in the world, with three girls age 5,3,1. Going to a baptist church in the area we live.

Bret and I have chewed the fat over many things over the years, and we both know the other guy well enough to figure where the other is coming from. But for the rest of you when I state opinions or facts they come in three varieties.

1. As a Christan this is most important for me . The Bible says it, I do it. I know interpreting what the bible says isn't clear cut. But for the most part it isn't as hard as we think. When I try to figure what the bible is saying I tend to interpret it in the plainest way possible. Hmm the Bible reads that God created the world in six days? Awesome, thats what happened end of debate.
2. Somethings in the Bible isn't as clear or it doesn't specifically address(TV,music,etc). In these topics I'm very careful to saying thus saith the Lord. It's more of a case where I see biblical pattern, or read a passage to be saying one thing but not 100% about it. An example would be how my wife and girls wear dresses most of the time. The Bible never says Women should wear dresses. But at this point for my family we see biblical patterns(modesty, opposite sexes dressing differently) that we decided to do what we do. In no way would I say fit's a sin for woman to wear pants, because the Bible never states that it is a sin.
3. Last but not least a personal opinion or thought. As in I like cake, or I don't like cheese.

So to end this I'm honored to be a part of this blog. I know Bret and I both share the same desire to debate and shake thing up. To often we just to the same things in ourChristian life's we then get comfortable and then in a few generations it accepted as religion without any Bible backing. Many examples I could give but there would go future post.

Saturday, February 7, 2009